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Welcome back, girl. Just keep that homo/transphobic shit to yourself.

Seeing XiuXiu tonight and I am buggin’ out. 

"Why does everyone think we have to go around instructing people on how to act?"


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Bumpin’ hœrd.

Matt used my approach to personal style as the subject for a human interest story in one of his classes. He just sent me a rough edit and I couldn’t be more flattered. Keep your eyes peeled for Pretty Penny!

Forgive my awkward expressions, haha.

All day. 

Army Of Lovers - Crucified (Official Video)

If you haven’t seen this, take a second to enjoy the brilliance. Babe Alert.

Adore Delano - Party (Music Video)

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Here, bulldozer hearts: Your periodic reminder that Mary Timony is the motherfucking don. Put this on and drag your eyes over the world all like, “Look, I’ve got your number, OK?”


Still living for this.

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Happy Birthday, Ericaman! #thirteenyearsandcounting #turntyfive #theclamz @ericarenee427

And twirl…
#standingbed #tanning #theblackertheberry (at Soleil Tanning Salons)



A rape survivor shares why he thinks rape is sincerely “hilarious.”

Warning: There will be triggers for some viewers but, if you watch, please watch the whole thing before passing judgment.

Oh my god. Watch it til the end.

A brilliant piece that shares an often ignored perspective.

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Burger Boogie.