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YES. watch this episode on Cartoon Network this monday!! and be sure to enjoy the music.

ps. if you REALLY can’t wait, there’s 1 second of my musical creations in this other promo.

i swear to you, this episode drew inspiration from my domestic life with tim.


happy new year! I did the music for this hilarious episode of Adventure Time.. enjoy.

now, i’d actually buy this for $45…if not only as a testament to my life from 0-18years during which i wore nothing but doc martens, slip-on vans, and chuck taylors.


my personal definition of the l-word…

love is:

  • kissing each other good morning even though your breath smells like a landfill
  • accepting that (s)he dances a bit like a ‘mo
  • the act of tweezing
  • making plans for the distant future without fear or hesitation
  • laughing at their lame indiscernible accents
  • finding yourself making dinner, despite your previous declarations to defy domestication
  • it’s an old cliché, but watching them sleep
  • admitting to being the class slut…in preschool
  • counting every exposed rib on his rail-thin frame and thinking he’s the strongest man alive
  • confessing to your wrongdoings…even if it was doing someone else
  • going organic despite your best efforts to streamline your diet to nothing but twizzlers and beer
  • accepting their family of affinity
  • trying church’s chicken for the first time
  • understanding that they do care that you’re probably cold, but needs the comforter more than you do
  • offensive inside jokes
  • giving them the bigger half
  • not asking if she’s “on her period” when she snaps at you (because you already know her cycle)
  • calling him “big poppa” when he least expects it
  • taking zero offense when she jokingly refers to you as “the missus” 
  • way easier than i thought
  • more incredible than i imagined

it’s safe to say the wild lioness has been domesticated and most of you consider that to be a bad thing, but, i gotta tell you, fancy feast is delicious.

i’d really like to make this an ongoing tumblr project…what are your feelings about love?


it’s christmas adventure time! this two-episode special premiers tonight @ 8pm on cartoon network. Casey and I did the music for these episodes together.

if you can’t wait for tonight, here’s a SNEAK PEEK

oh man…these episodes are amazing (and the music ain’t half bad either <3)


happy halloween with Staypuft zombified beats!