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my personal definition of the l-word... →


love is:

  • kissing each other good morning even though your breath smells like a landfill
  • accepting that (s)he dances a bit like a ‘mo
  • the act of tweezing
  • making plans for the distant future without fear or hesitation
  • laughing at their lame indiscernible accents
  • finding yourself making…

This still rings so true. Single or not, love is what it is.

Harper “Angels in America”

In the whole entire world, you are the only person, the only person I love or have ever loved. And I love you terribly. Terribly. That’s what’s so awfully, irreducibly real. I can make up anything but I can’t dream that away.

Selina Kyle in “Batman Returns” (1992)

It’s the so-called “normal” guys who always let you down. Sickos never scare me. Least they’re committed.

tim meeting the parents.

me: look at me and my mother and then check out how awkward you and yah are.

tim: well, i didn’t come outta his uterus.

Lauren Zizes

"Glee" 2011

I’m not desperate so if you really want this you best come correct ’cause I spell woman Z-I-Z-E-S. And I need to be wooed. You understand me? Wooed.
Brittany, as your loving, caring, honest brother I feel the need to tell you... your boyfriend looks like a bum.
what're they putting in the water in dublin these days? sure as hell isn't decorum. looking like a bum is one thing, but being one is another. quit chugging all that haterade and focus on your homework, kiddo.


Tell her to wipe the frosting from her mouth; cupcaking is an epidemic.
I love how we're such close friends that I can run around with boogers in my nose and you don't even notice.
Actually, I just haven't put my contacts in yet.