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my personal definition of the l-word... →


love is:

  • kissing each other good morning even though your breath smells like a landfill
  • accepting that (s)he dances a bit like a ‘mo
  • the act of tweezing
  • making plans for the distant future without fear or hesitation
  • laughing at their lame indiscernible accents
  • finding yourself making…

This still rings so true. Single or not, love is what it is.



Photos by:Christy Tyler

"Love knows no boundaries Interracial Pakistani and African American Wedding " 

This is so beautiful

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me from feb 10th-15th.

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Just because someone desires you, it does not mean that they value you.

Read it over.


Let those words resonate in your mind.
We’re just two Squidwards in love.


Hidden in the Open: A Photographic Essay of Afro American Male Couples

This is soo good! Trent Kelley has compiled over 100 images revealing a long legacy of Black male couples. These are some of my faves. Check out his flickr page for more amazing images.

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