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Organic electronica. Ishome is royally “slept on”.

Palo Alto, CA-based painter and textile artist Linda Gass created an awesome art quilt with colourdul panels depicting aerial representations of the topography and geography of the San Francisco Bay. To create this beautiful and incredibly detailed blanket, Linda stitched together delicate hand-painted crêpe de Chine.

“I use the lure of beauty to both encourage people to look at the hard environmental issues we face and to give them hope. My paintings are done on silk, a naturally beautiful surface, and I gravitate towards luminous, saturated colors, giving my work an optimistic feeling. Although many of the landscapes I depict are ugly in reality, my landscapes are beautified as I prefer to engage the viewer through pleasure. I am trying to create an attitude shift from feeling overwhelmed by the magnitude of the problems to feeling inspired and empowered to take action through the experience of art.”

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I’m tryina do some weird shit with Ulrich and Christophe.

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But, like, if someone brought pastries to the circle jerk, I might be kinda down.


i wonder if that couple is still together

Update: They aren’t.